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Super Sunprint Kit

The original non-toxic, sun-sensitive paper

Sunprint® paper makes photographic-type prints using nothing more than sunshine (light) and water. Ages 6+; younger with adult assistance.
How it works:
  • First, collect items from the classroom or nature and arrange them on the special paper.
  • Then, expose the paper to light for a few minutes until the paper turns almost white.
  • When rinsed, the shape of the object will remain on the paper in white, and the rest of the paper will turn blue.
Kit includes:
  • 15 sheets of large (12" x 8") photo-sensitive paper
  • A clear acrylic sheet
  • Instructions
Please note: A smaller Sunprint Kit (A82) is also available. It includes 12 sheets of (4" sq.) photo-sensitive paper.
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