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Beechwood Pencil Extender

When children don't have to struggle to grasp a too-short pencil, their writing will improve. Pencil extenders not only help children with their handwriting, they lengthen the life of your pencils (saving you money!).

This extender fits the Jolly Kinderfest Pencils (A60, A65, LM02). 3½" x ⅝" wide.

Please note: This extender does not fit standard #2 pencils, nor does it fit our Triangular EcoPencils (A11, A20) or the Easy Learner Pencils (A70).
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A19 Beechwood Pencil Extender NOT AVAILABLE

Now: $2.95

Was: $3.50

No Longer Available

Beechwood Pencil Extender

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