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I Spy

An Alphabet in Art

Calling all sleuths! You'll have to look carefully as you search for the hidden items in these 26 famous works of art, one for each letter of the alphabet. This is a wonderful activity for adults and children to enjoy together, as it helps build vocabulary as well as an appreciation for art.

Represented in the luminous images are a wide range of works from artists like Henri Rousseau, William Hogarth, Jan Van Eyck, David Hockney, and others spanning the years 1415-1967. Paperback, 60 pages. Parents' Choice Gold Award. Ages 4+.

Words and artists represented:
A: apple, Rene Magritte; B: ball, Henri Rousseau; C: cat, William Hogarth; D: dog, Jan Von Eych; E: elephants, Indian; F: fish, Pablo Picasso; G: guinea pigs, Follower of Jan van Kessel; H: heart, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin; I inkwell, Sandra Botticelli; J: jug, Jan Vermeer; K: key, Jan Steen; L: lanterns, John Singer Sargent; M: magpie, Francisco Goya; N: nest, Jan van Huijsum; O: orange, Henri Matisse; P: peacock, Carlo Crivelli; Q: quills, Thomas Warrender; R: roses, Marcus Gheeruerts the Younger; S: stars, Joan Milo; T turtles, Jacob Savery II; U: umbrellas, Pierre Auguste Renior; V: violin, Marc Chagall; W: water, David Hackney; X: ox, The Limbourg Brothers; Y: yacht, Georges Seurat; Z: zigzag, Wybrand de Geest
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