Complete Flags of the World

The Ultimate Pocket Guide

Why do countries pick the colors and designs they do to represent themselves on their flags? What do the symbols on flags and coats-of-arms mean?

Organized by continent and indexed by country name, this updated edition details the origin, adoption date, and symbols of each flag in a concise, appealing style. Accurate illustrations tell as much about the flags as the information-rich text.

Includes a brief history of flags, parts of the flag, and heraldic terms. Also includes flag colors and their symbolic uses, types of flags, a section on international flags (such as the United Nations and European Union) as well as signaling flags.

Extensive table of contents, flag directory, and index. Published in 2014. Paperback with cloth binding, 320 pages.

Please note: This book was expanded and revised in the spring of 2014. The cover was also changed to a cloth binding. These changes occurred after our 2014-2015 Montessori Services School Catalog was already in print. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.
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Complete Flags of the World

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