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  1. Postcard/Picture Easel Frame 7x5

    Postcard/Picture Easel Frame 7x5

    Horizontal easel frame. Display art postcards, photos from family vacations, or children’s masterpieces in this standing easel frame. Children will find it easy to insert and remove selections. Stand is hinged with a durable metal screw. Learn More
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  2. Earth Card Holder

    Earth Card Holder

    The image of Earth on the base of this clever card holder will serve as a reminder of the “big” picture, while it attractively holds whatever card, note, or recipe you choose. Cards stay where you put them without leaning sideways. Learn More
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  3. Mini Soapstone Box

    Mini Soapstone Box

    This beautiful little box is a treasure in itself, a perfect place to hold a small, special item from nature (shell, stone, seed) or something from another culture. 2" dia. base x 1¾" high; ¾" deep. Learn More
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  4. Chalkboard Display Stand

    Chalkboard Display Stand - From LORD Company

    Designed to hold 4 LORD Company chalkboards for storage and display, this is an affordable, attractive way to make differences between the slates easy for children to see. Sturdy pressboard with 4 deep slots; 17" x 11 ½". Learn More
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  5. 1 Hole Flag Stand

    1 Hole Flag Stand

    Made to accommodate one small (6" x 4") flag. This 1-Hole stand is wood, 1¾" in diameter. Learn More
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  6. 2 Hole Flag Stand

    2 Hole Flag Stand

    Made to accommodate two small (6" x 4") flags. This 2-Hole stand is domed plastic, 2½" in diameter. Learn More
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  7. 5 Hole Flag Stand

    5 Hole Flag Stand

    Made to accommodate up to five small (6" x 4") flags. This 5-Hole stand is domed plastic, 2½" in diameter. Learn More
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  8. 7-Hole Hardwood Flag Stand

    7-Hole Hardwood Flag Stand

    An economical wood stand to accommodate up to seven of our 6" x 4" flags. 8½" x 1½" x 1½" high. (Flags sold separately.) Learn More
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  9. 24-Hole Hardwood Flag Stand

    24-Hole Hardwood Flag Stand

    Our largest flag display. This finished hardwood stand will display up to 24 of our flags (6" x 4") at the same level. 30" x 2" x ¾" high. (Flags sold separately.) Learn More
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  10. Small Deci-Pockets

    Small Deci-Pockets

    Children can bring the Small Deci-Pockets (15" x 19") filled with a set of small numeral cards to their work area. After they have demonstrated the ability to lay out the numeral cards correctly, use these pockets for Bank Game activities. Learn More
    Order Now! Due in Stock 5/16/2014
  11. Large Deci-Pockets

    Large Deci-Pockets

    The Large Deci-Pockets (26½" x 34½") fit the large numeral cards, and can hang on a wall or be brought to the work area. Learn More
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