Sewing Accessories

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  1. Wooden Embroidery Hoop

    Wooden Embroidery Hoop

    This is the same sturdy round hoop included in our Sewing Kit with Wooden Button Activity (V18). Adjust the screw to increase the tension and hold the fabric between the hoops. 6¼" dia. Learn More
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  2. Plastic Yarn Needles

    Plastic Yarn Needles

    Plastic yarn needles are 2½" long with large eyes. Set of 10. Learn More
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  3. Metal Yarn Needles

    Metal Yarn Needles

    Metal yarn needles are 2½" long with large eyes. Set of 10. Learn More
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  4. Tomato Pincushion

    Tomato Pincushion

    The same classic cotton pincushion that we use in some of our sewing activities (V400, V402, V408). Running a needle or pin though the dangling "pepper" keeps the shaft clean and the tip sharp. 3" dia. Learn More
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  5. Straight Pins

    Straight Pins

    A pack of 40 steel pins (1¼") with plastic heads, in a pinwheel holder with one slot for each pin. Learn More
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  6. Needle Threader

    Needle Threader - LoRan large eye needle threader from Dritz

    This large eye needle threader even threads thick yarns. Made of metal--no flimsy wires to break. Easy for young children. We include it in several of our sewing kits. Instructions included. 2" long. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
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  7. Bucket O' Buttons

    Bucket O' Buttons - 16 oz. tub of buttons

    A treasure trove of colorful, assorted plastic buttons handy for matching and sorting, not to mention threading, sewing activities, and crafts. A variety of shapes and designs — too many to count! 16 ounces in a tub with a lid. Learn More
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  8. Colorful Wooden Buttons By the Bag

    Colorful Wooden Buttons By the Bag

    Three graduated sizes by the bag. You’ll love the very affordable price. Children will love the smooth finish and array of fun colors. You would pay much more for these top-quality sorting supplies at a craft store! Learn More
  9. Cardstock Thread/Yarn Holders

    Cardstock Thread/Yarn Holders - 25 pieces

    These convenient cardstock embroidery floss “bobbins” are idea for holding bits of thread, yarn, or floss for a sewing or embroidery project. 25 pieces; 1½” square. Learn More
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