Tongs & Chopsticks

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  1. Silicone Toast Tong

    Silicone Toast Tong

    This durable, slip-proof tong is easy to squeeze (but not too easy). It will never break, burn, or rust. Dishwasher safe. Heat resistant from -40 degrees F to +500 degrees F. Sold individually. Assorted colors. 5¾" long. Learn More
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  2. Ice Tong

    Ice Tong

    This little tong with its pointed (but not sharp) teeth is ideal for transferring pompoms or serving food. Flexible and easy for small hands to use. Stainless steel, with smooth edges. 6" long. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
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  3. Teak Tongs

    Teak Tongs

    Carved from a single piece of wood, these easy-to-grasp tongs are flexible and strong – a natural choice for all kinds of transferring or serving activities. 4¼" long. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
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  4. Sugar Tong

    Sugar Tong

    Our most popular tong, it looks particularly pleasing on a small tray with two Souffle Dishes (G242). Stainless steel. 3¾" long. Learn More
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  5. Stainless Mini Tong

    Stainless Mini Tong

    3¾" long. Variations like this draw children’s attention. Our well-made, thumb-operated Stainless Mini-Tong introduces a unique motion: press the lever, scoop, release the lever. Suitable for pom poms, large beans, and other small items. Learn More
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  6. Spork Tong

    Spork Tong

    3¾" long. This small tong is easy to grasp and shaped like the familiar spoon/fork utensil. Sturdy one-piece stainless steel tong exercises the pincer grip. Aesthetically pleasing and built to last. Dishwasher-safe. Learn More
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  7. Tension Tongs Set

    Tension Tongs Set - 2 pieces

    Aesthetically pleasing and built to last. These stiffer-than-average stainless steel tongs help strengthen the pincer grip. Sort large items (opens to 1½"), then move to smaller items. Dishwasher-safe. Two pieces; 4" long. Learn More
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  8. Fancy Tong

    Fancy Tong

    Stainless steel. 4¼" long. This uniquely shaped tong adds a challenging variation to transferring activities because it picks up large items while small ones fall through the open sides. Learn More
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  9. Spring Tong

    Spring Tong - Small salad tongs

    This smaller version of the popular kitchen tong requires a bit more effort than other tongs, which makes it a good next step for older children. Use in a transferring activity to develop the necessary hand strength; then use it for serving fruit or salad. Stainless steel. 7⅜" long. Learn More
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  10. Solid Oak Tong

    Solid Oak Tong

    Made from one piece of wood, this lovely tong is break-resistant and sturdy. The narrow gap makes small items easier to pick up than large ones. Use for serving and cooking activities, as well as transferring. 6½" long. Learn More
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  11. Toast Tong

    Toast Tong

    6¾" long. Use on a Fast Food Tray (T180) with a Potato Basket (K13 or K27) filled with items to sort. Bamboo; easy to handle. Learn More
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  12. Pickle Picker

    Pickle Picker - Stainless steel pickle or olive plucker

    A fascinating hand-eye coordination gadget! Use it in a transferring activity or for actually plucking pickles or olives out of a bottle or jar. Stainless steel. Ages 4 and up. Learn More
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  13. Chef's Tong

    Chef's Tong

    This metal tong has curved ends with teeth and works well for food service or in a transferring exercise. 6½" long. Learn More
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  14. Quick Sticks

    Quick Sticks - Set of 2 one-piece starter chopsticks

    Children enjoy the challenge (and satisfaction!) offered by one-piece “starter” chopsticks! Transferring tiny items with chopsticks helps them develop the pincer grip needed to use a pencil. Sturdy plastic; 8" long. Sold as a set of two. Learn More
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  15. Children's Bamboo Chopsticks

    Children's Bamboo Chopsticks - Authentic child-size traditional chopsticks

    Millions of young children in Asia use chopsticks &8212; yours can, too! Add a cultural point of interest to transferring lessons (or snack!) with this pair of authentic chopsticks perfectly sized for young children. Blunt-tipped; 6½" long. Learn More
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  16. Peace Crane Chopstick Rest

    Peace Crane Chopstick Rest

    Placing chopsticks with the points on a rest is good etiquette in Asia and an added point of interest in a transferring exercise. The wings, tail, and head help keep chopsticks from rolling. 2¼" square. Learn More
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