Economy Shoe/Leather Polishing

Classroom activity set

Children can polish more than footwear with our Natural Shoe Conditioner — one teacher we know offers children a whole leather jacket! Or, try compact items that fit in the basket, such as a wallet or belt.

Add your own apron and mat to complete this set. The durable polypropylene basket cleans up easily. Eco-friendly polish is safer for children and the environment. Items and colors may vary.

Set includes:
  • Shoe Conditioner (P28)
  • Soft-Bristle Shoe Dauber (P43)
  • Round Washable Basket (K02)
  • Stiff-Bristle Shoe Dauber (P30)
  • Small Elliptical Basket (K26)
  • Polish Applicators (P32)
  • 1 Dozen Polish Cloths
  • Shoe Buffer (P40)
  • Newsprint
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    PL56 Economy Shoe/Leather Polishing Activity
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    Economy Shoe/Leather Polishing

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