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Math & Physical Science

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  1. About Time

    About Time - A First Look at Time and Clocks

    The earliest people divided time into two intervals, nighttime and daytime. Today’s atomic clocks divide time into picoseconds—trillionths of a second! How did we get from there to here? Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  2. Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit

    Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit - Hands-on physical science activity

    An adventure in understanding how electricity works! Sequential activities with snap-together modular pieces that fit like a puzzle. Children can light up a light, run a fan, create sound, and experiment, too. Learn More
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  3. Physical & Chemical Changes

    Physical & Chemical Changes - From In-Print For Children

    Whether living or non-living, everything experiences change. Learning to distinguish between physical and chemical changes is an important step for further exploration of chemistry. Children sort the picture cards under labels that clearly define physical and chemical changes. Learn More
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  4. Matter & Energy

    Matter & Energy - Six Card Activities from In-Print For Children

    Designed to direct elementary students’ observations of matter and energy and give them the language to express what they observe. Includes two coated cardstock sheets (9½" x 13") for each activity and teacher information. Learn More
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  5. Quilted Checkerboard Mat

    Quilted Checkerboard Mat - From Great Extensions

    Children in Montessori Elementary classrooms will love doing short and long multiplication of whole numbers (up to 100,000,000) on this handsome, quilted mat. Unlike hard surface checkerboards, the beads won’t roll around, a definite advantage! Learn More
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  6. Quilted Decimal Checkerboard Mat

    Quilted Decimal Checkerboard Mat - From Great Extensions

    Children in Montessori Elementary classrooms will love using this handmade, quilted mat to facilitate the multiplication of decimals. 49 squares in the hierarchical colors for whole numbers and for decimal numbers. 23" square. Learn More
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  7. The Periodic Table of the Elements

    The Periodic Table of the Elements - From In-Print for Children

    This up-to-date and one-of-a-kind magnetic-receptive chart provides a first introduction to the periodic table. The magnetic chart identifies elements as solid, liquid, or gas at room temperature. 118 magnetic vinyl tiles show the atomic symbols and atomic numbers of the elements. Includes instructions. Learn More
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