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Geologic Eras, Periods, & Fossils Book Set

3 book sets for the study of Geologic Time from

Written by Montessorians Doug and Claudia Mann and designed as an extension to the Time Line of Life, these three sequential sets offer children many opportunities to solidify their understanding and expand their research.

Invaluable additions to your library, all books are updated with current terminology and scientific developments. Paperback.

  • Geologic Eras Set (EM60): Books in this set read like the Second Great Lesson — facts are presented within strong, engaging stories covering the key Time Line of Life presentation points. Set includes 6 books, one for each era on the Time Line (Hadean time, Archaean time, Proterozic era, Paleozoic era, Mesozoic era, and Cenozioc era). Ages 6 - 9.

  • Geologic Periods Set (EM61): Books in this set move through the characteristics, land formations, climate, and species particular to the period, closing with the event that ends the period. Set includes 13 books, one for each period on the Time Line. Ages 7 - 12.

  • Fossils Set (EM59): This set presents four significant early fossils with thorough descriptions and detailed information suitable for in-depth study. Set includes: Ammonites, Brachiopods, Crinoids, and Trilobites. Ages 7 - 12.
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    Geologic Eras, Periods, & Fossils Book Set

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