Stone Soup Board Game

A Cooperative Game for Kids! from Peaceable Kingdom

"Let's win together!" Help each other finish the soup before the fire goes out! Start with young children… add a pinch of suspense, a dash of luck, and a challenge that requires everyone to work together.

You'll be surprised how much fun this cooperative, concentration-style game can be! Perfect for pre-readers, Stone Soup™ has 12 pairs of sturdy picture cards to match from memory and 10 “fire-out” cards to spice up the game.

Includes fold-out game board, 24 ingredients cards (12 pairs), 10 “fire-out” cards, 1 magic stone card. All heavy cardboard pieces are made with ecologically responsible FSC-certified paper and printed with soy ink. Instructions on lid. 2-6 players. Ages 4 - 8.

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D206 Stone Soup Cooperative Game
Made in CHINA
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Stone Soup Board Game

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