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  1. Tap 'n' Glue Cap & Bottle

    Tap 'n' Glue Cap & Bottle - Glue-saving dispenser for children

    Reduce glue consumption and frustration by helping children control where the glue goes. An ingenious solution: squeeze the bottle and tap the cap to dispense a precise amount of glue. Holds 4 oz. of your white glue. Learn More
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  2. Paste & Glue Spreaders

    Paste & Glue Spreaders - Paste & glue applicator from Roylco

    Increase the likelihood of a positive art experience with these flexible plastic spreaders. Use (and re-use) to distribute paste (or glue) neatly. Set of 10. 4¾" long. Assorted colors Learn More
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  3. Staple-Free Stapler

    Staple-Free Stapler - Safe paper fastener--will "staple" up to 5 sheets of paper

    Children will be astonished by how this stapler keeps papers together! It binds up to 5 sheets with a tiny punched and folded paper tab that really holds. No metal staples, less risk to fingers, and eco-friendly, too. 2¼" base x 2" high. Learn More
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  4. Fiskars Scissoris for Kids

    Fiskars Scissoris for Kids - Child-size scissors

    Minimize frustration and increase cutting accuracy with a good pair of scissors that cuts cleanly through paper, fabric, yarn, or string, right to the tip of the blade. Comfortable right- or left-handed handles. 5¼". Assorted colors. Learn More
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  5. Dual Pencil Sharpener

    Dual Pencil Sharpener - German engineered sharpener

    You’ll never have to throw away another dull pencil sharpener! This durable magnesium alloy sharpener handles any of the pencils we carry. The tempered steel blades are replaceable (A51). 1" square; ½" high. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
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  6. Replacement Pencil Sharpener Blades

    Replacement Pencil Sharpener Blades - Set of 3 sharpener replacement blades

    Set of 3 tempered steel replacement blades in a slotted holder for safe storage. These blades fit our Dual Pencil Sharpener (A50) and our Aluminum Can Dual Pencil Sharpener (A14). Blades are sharp and should be replaced by an adult. Learn More
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  7. Perfect Child-Size Scissors

    Perfect Child-Size Scissors

    These scissors are not only top quality, but are also perfectly proportioned for the young child. The tip is blunt; the 2" blades are sharp (and will stay that way), and the grip fits comfortably. These are the scissors in all our sewing kits. Learn More
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  8. Plastic Pipettes

    Plastic Pipettes - Set of 50

    Children develop the pincer grip (thumb and index finger) when they squeeze a pipette. Perfect for transferring liquids in small amounts, or use with paint for an art activity. 6¼" long. 50 pieces. Ages 2 and up. Learn More
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  9. Half-Inch Booklet Rings

    Half-Inch Booklet Rings - Set of 50

    Children love to make their own books. With these ½" diameter white plastic rings, children will be able to bind their volumes easily and attractively. Learn More
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  10. One-Inch Booklet Rings

    One-Inch Booklet Rings - Set of 50

    Children love to make their own books. With these 1" diameter white plastic rings, children will be able to bind their volumes easily and attractively. Learn More
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  11. Oil Pastels

    Oil Pastels - Assortment of 24 vibrant colors from Faber-Castell

    With rich, blendable colors and a hexagon shape that’s easy for children to grip, these brilliantly pigmented, adult-quality oil pastels offer children a sophisticated art experience. 24 colors, plastic storage case. Learn More
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  12. Jumbo Beeswax Crayons

    Jumbo Beeswax Crayons - Assortment of 24 non-toxic crayons from Faber-Castell

    Children will love the brilliant, rich colors and the way the beeswax glides so smoothly across the paper. The rounded-triangular shape encourages a proper grip and gives children good control of the crayon. Includes 24 non-toxic, break-resistant beeswax crayons. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
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  13. Primary Shape Templates

    Primary Shape Templates - 5 large, plastic template shapes

    Includes 5 large plastic templates (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon) and instructions with activity ideas. Largest shape is 7½" x 4½". Learn More
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  14. Doodle Roll

    Doodle Roll - Portable arts & crafts activity set

    Ingenious! 30 feet of 6"-wide blank paper on a roll, in a portable dispenser with a safe tearing edge and a place for crayons. Includes dispenser, paper, and 8 crayons. Learn More
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  15. Plasticene Clay

    Plasticene Clay - Non-drying modeling clay

    Pound it, roll it, or sculpt it! Plasticene is a non-drying modeling clay that children can use and re-use again and again. One pound. Color may vary. Learn More
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  16. Small Felt Pad for Punching

    Small Felt Pad for Punching

    This ¼” thick black felt pad provides cushioning under paper and protects the work surface when perforating map outlines, geometric shapes, or artwork. It’s virtually impossible to penetrate! Made in U.S.A. 5½" square. Learn More
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