Half-Inch Booklet Rings

Set of 50

Children love to make their own books. With these ½" diameter white plastic rings, children will be able to bind their volumes easily and attractively.

The overlapping ends of the rings are tapered so that they will slip easily through holes punched in paper. The rings will allow the pages of the book to lie flat when placed on a table.

Teachers can also use these rings to bind various control booklets they make. Set of 50. Ages 3 and up.

Please note: We also offer a larger Bulk Set of 500 Pieces of this size (L739) as well as One-Inch Rings in a 50 Piece Set (L740) and a 500 Piece Set (L741).
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L738 Booklet Rings - 1/2" - 50
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Half-Inch Booklet Rings

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