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Long Black Strip

From Azoka Company

Order Now! Due in Stock 11/15/21
Children love watching the drama of the unfurling of this strip--it's just about 3 inches wide and almost 100 feet long!

Unrolling the strip is meant to convey an impression of the length of time since the Earth formed and the relative amount of time humans have been on Earth.

As the strip is unfurled, the teacher tells the story of our planet and the emergence of life, ending with the narrow white band representing the proportionate amount of time humans have existed on Earth.

Since this presentation is meant to give an "impression," there are no time markings on the strip. 100% cotton, hand-woven with serged edges.

Please note: This item does not come with the Timeline of Life (EM824, EM825). We apologize for the error in our 2020-2021 catalog that says it is included. It does come with the Basic History Set with Timeline of Life (EM826, EM827).
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