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The Star Finder

Guide to the Northern Sky

Please note: This item is no longer available. However, we do offer a smaller version called the Pocket Star Finder (EM31) from the same manufacturer. It is 5" in diameter and is ideal for travel.

A family adventure made easy! Rotate the blue wheel to align the clear “sky dome” window with the month. Through the window, an uncluttered star chart shows 40 major constellations and 60 bright stars.

Comparing this simplified chart to the sky helps children find and see stars and constellations. Techniques for finding north and detailed charts for locating the major planets (through 2020) are printed inside a sturdy cardstock storage folder.

Includes durable, plastic Star Finder™ (9¾" dia.), night-vision flashlight filter, and folder.
Item No. Product Name Price Qty
EM27 The Star Finder NOT AVAILABLE
Made in CHINA
No Longer Available

The Star Finder

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