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The Periodic Table of the Elements

From In-Print for Children

This up-to-date and one-of-a-kind magnetic-receptive chart provides a first introduction to the periodic table. It is simplified to show only key data. The magnetic chart identifies elements as solid, liquid, or gas at room temperature. 118 magnetic vinyl tiles show the atomic symbols and atomic numbers of the elements. In addition, the tiles are color-coded to identify the elements as metal, semi-metal, or nonmetal. The child places the magnetic tiles on the chart by matching atomic numbers. (Note: All 118 tiles stay in place, even if the chart is displayed vertically.)

This set also includes an 11" x 16" chart of the periodic table, with a list of the elements and their atomic numbers along with their attributes and origins. A smaller version of the same chart can be photocopied for individual work. Background information and lesson suggestions are provided for the teacher. Ages 11+.

The flexible vinyl chart (13" x 25") is backed with adhesive so you can adhere it to a rigid board of your choosing (suggestions included).
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The Periodic Table of the Elements

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