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Space Cards

Durable flashcards from Flash of Brilliance

These extra-thick, over-sized flashcards feature striking images on the front and comprehensive facts about the subject on the back—a good reference material for the elementary classroom.

The 26 photo cards encompass distant galaxies, genuine spacecraft, real astronauts at work, and all the planets and major moons in our solar system. Younger children will enjoy the NASA images, older children will refer to the detailed information. 7" x 4". Ages 3+.

Set includes the following cards: Astronaut, Earth, Europa, Hubble, Ida, ISS, lo, Jupiter, LRV, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Oly-mons, Solar system, Pluto, Rocket, Saturn, Discovery, Endeavor, Sombrero, Milky Way, Sun, Uranus, and Venus.
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Space Cards

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