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  1. Classification of Vertebrates

    Classification of Vertebrates - From In-Print For Children

    After children understand the characteristics of vertebrates, they can sort 25 labeled animal photo cards under five classifications cards: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Laminated cards are 2¾" x 3". Learn More
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  2. Parts of the Spider Definition Cards

    Parts of the Spider Definition Cards - From Maitri Learning

    Definition card sets for the terms introduced by the Parts of the Spider 3-Part Photo Cards. Defined terms include: spider, legs, abdomen, cephalothorax, eyes, jaws, pedipalps, and spinnerets. Learn More
  3. Insects Three-Part Cards -  Laminated

    Insects Three-Part Cards - Laminated

    A class (subcategory) of arthropod. The set includes an overview of insect characteristics and three-part photo cards for 12 different insects. Working with these popular card packets helps children find order in their world. Learn More
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  4. Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Garden - Five Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars & reusable habitat from Insect Lore

    The three-week metamorphosis from larvae to butterfly perfectly illustrates the cyclical nature of life on Earth. Caring for (and releasing) live butterflies is a rewarding activity children can repeat every year. Kit includes reusable habitat, voucher for five live caterpillars, and instructions. Learn More
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