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  1. Creativitray Set

    Creativitray Set - 4 plastic trays

    For finger painting, crafts, collage, art projects, and more, this multi-purpose, four-piece tray set keeps everything organized and mess-free. Includes large tray: 17½" x 12¼"; medium tray: 11½" x 8¼"; and 2 small trays: 8½" x 5¾". Learn More
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  2. Small Melamine Tray

    Small Melamine Tray - All-purpose tray for practical life activities or snack

    This simple tray is a real workhorse in the classroom. Perfect for a variety of pouring, transferring, or other practical life activities. Made of durable melamine with a ¾" rim to keep items from rolling off. 8½" x 5¾" overall. Learn More
  3. Medium Creativitray

    Medium Creativitray

    The 1" deep straight sides and extended lip make this tray ideal for holding a food preparation or polishing exercise. Lightweight and sturdy this multi-purpose tray is also perfect for containing art or sewing activities. 11½" x 8¼". Learn More
  4. Medium Lustroware Tray

    Medium Lustroware Tray

    Made of smooth, sturdy plastic, this tray is a perfect size for all kinds of activities. Easy to lift and carry it stacks securely with for compact storage. 10¼" x 7½" overall; ½" deep. Available in white or black. Learn More

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  5. Durable Clear Tray

    Durable Clear Tray

    Sure to become a classroom staple, this clear acrylic tray is the perfect size for everything from practical life activities to card-based language games. High sides and rounded corners. 9¾" x 5¾"; ¾" deep. Learn More
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  6. Clear Tray with Handles

    Clear Tray with Handles

    At nearly ¼" thick, this durable acrylic tray is as substantial as it is versatile. High sides contain spills, while easy-grip handles enable secure transport. 12" x 7"; ¾" deep. Learn More
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  7. Melamine Tray with Handles

    Melamine Tray with Handles

    This vibrant tray might become your new favorite as it is ideal for a variety of activities from Practical Life to Language. Features extended handles. 15" long overall x 6⅜" wide. Learn More
  8. Gold Metal Tray

    Gold Metal Tray

    The gold finish makes anything placed on this metal tray look extra-special. It is the perfect size for a variety of activities. An extended lip makes it easy for children to hold and carry. 9¾" x 6¼"; 1" deep. Learn More
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  9. Small Rectangular Carved Tray

    Small Rectangular Carved Tray - Acacia wood tray

    Thick extended edges make this tray especially easy to carry--an elegant, yet practical, piece. Individually hand carved from a naturally water-resistant hardwood, this sturdy tray invites many uses in the classroom. 9" x 4" overall; 1" deep. Learn More
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  10. Small Square Carved Tray

    Small Square Carved Tray - Acacia wood tray

    Individually hand carved from a naturally water-resistant hardwood, this sturdy tray invites many uses in the classroom: pouring, transferring, storage, or serving snack. 7½" square x ½" deep. Learn More
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  11. Fast Food Tray

    Fast Food Tray

    This sturdy, restaurant-quality plastic tray is just the right size for food preparation, science experiments, or Metal Inset work. 13½" x 10½" overall; ½" deep. Learn More
  12. Economy Tray

    Economy Tray

    Shelf-friendly proportions and affordability make this plastic tray ideal for the classroom. Slightly tapered, extended handles encourage children to grasp at the center, where the handle is widest. 13½" x 7¼" overall; ¾" deep. Learn More
  13. Medium-Size Tray

    Medium-Size Tray

    Designed for dental offices, perfect for Practical Life. Nearly indestructible, with raised edges to help pitchers and bowls stay put and contain spills. 9⅝" x 6⅝" overall; ¾" deep. Learn More
  14. Clear Acrylic Tray

    Clear Acrylic Tray

    A clear tray can be used with any activity. The perfect size for small transfer or pouring activities. If desired, color-code trays with colored dots, tape, or felt. Raised edges prevent slipping. 7½" x 5½"overall; ½" deep. Learn More
  15. Clear Vanity Tray

    Clear Vanity Tray

    This sturdy acrylic tray has many features including extended handles, straight sides that contain spills, and a textured inner surface. 11" x 6" x 1¼" deep. Learn More
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  16. Medium Fiberglass Tray

    Medium Fiberglass Tray

    Ideal for pouring and transferring exercises these high-impact fiberglass makes are virtually indestructible. 9⅜" x 8" overall; ½" deep. Learn More

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