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Bead Chain Mat Set

Save when you order the Set of 3

A must for the Montessori classroom! These superior quality mats are made in the USA out of a soft, 100% poly-fleece; they are durable and roll up neatly for storage. Machine wash and dry.
  • The Thousand Chain Mat (X700) is one continuous piece of fabric (no seams!) long enough to lay out the Thousand Chain. So many Montessori students have only seen the Thousand Chain laid out in a spiral and have missed the dramatic impact of the length of the beads all in a row. It may also be used partly unrolled for the other cubing chains. 30 feet long x 9½" wide.
  • The Hundred Chain Mat (X702) accommodates all the squaring chains and the 1–4 cubing chains, as well as the Hundred Chain. 36" long x 9½" wide.
  • Children can lay out number tags on the Number Tag Mat (X704), then pull it along the side of the chain mat as they count and put out the tags. 20" x 9½".
  • Save when you purchase the Set of 3 Bead Chain Mats (X706).
Please note: Before ordering, be sure to measure your Bead Chains because sets vary in length.
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X706 Bead Chain Mats - Set/3
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Bead Chain Mat Set

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