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Displays & Storage

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  1. Bent Acrylic Photo Holder

    Bent Acrylic Photo Holder - Clear display stand

    Ideal for displaying card materials or postcards and perfect for use with the cards in our Snack Card Set (D120). This easy-to-clean, self-standing display is made of durable acrylic. 4" x 6". Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  2. Bent Acrylic Photo Holder Set

    Bent Acrylic Photo Holder Set - 4 pieces

    Ideal for use with the cards in our Snack Card Set (D120) or for displaying card materials or postcards. These easy-to-clean, self-standing displays are made of durable acrylic. 4 pieces; 4" x 6". Learn More
    34 In Stock
  3. Medium Display Stand

    Medium Display Stand - Adjustable display stand

    With one-piece construction, plastic base, and a movable arm of coated wire, these stands are strong enough to hold small books, artwork, or cards to make them more visible. 3¾" x 2¾" base; 3½" high. Learn More
  4. Reed Card / Napkin Holder

    Reed Card / Napkin Holder

    The expandable “W” shape and flexible wire frame make convenient slots for holding cards, small books, math charts, or napkins on the snack table. 4" square. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  5. Acrylic Card / Napkin Holder

    Acrylic Card / Napkin Holder

    A hard-to-find display solution, this appealing holder stores cards, paper, letters, or napkins for optimal visibility. Shown with Montessori Centenary Cards (R09). 6" x 1" x 2¾" high. Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  6. Small Multi-Purpose Organizer

    Small Multi-Purpose Organizer

    This sturdy rack is a real workhorse — heavy-duty coated steel, wide slots, and the stable flared base make this a great solution for displaying or storing materials. Perfect for grouping related items; 6⅞" x 10⅜" overall; 3⅜" high. Learn More
    38 In Stock
  7. Large Multi-Purpose Organizer

    Large Multi-Purpose Organizer

    This sturdy shelf-top rack is a real workhorse — a great way to organize, store, and display materials. A perfect size for displaying large books and storing paper. Heavy-duty steel, wide slots, stable flared base. 8¼" x 10¼" overall; 6½" high. Learn More
    74 In Stock

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