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Spoons, Scoops & Ladles

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  1. Clear Acrylic Spoon

    Clear Acrylic Spoon - For transferring or serving food

    Made of clear, durable acrylic, this little spoon coordinates with any activity, is easy to hold, and has a generous bowl. 5". Learn More
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  2. "Spoon" Assortment

    "Spoon" Assortment - 5 spoons/scoops

    This assortment includes five of our favorite spoons: Stainless Steel Scoop (G50), Demi-Spoon (G252), Mini-Ladle (G254), Tiny Salt Spoon (G53), and the Olivewood Mustard Spoon (G251). Learn More
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  3. Clear Plastic Scoop

    Clear Plastic Scoop - From OXO Good Grips

    At approximately ½ cup, it’s easy for small hands to manage and is just the right size to scoop popcorn, nuts, granola and more. Dishwasher-safe. 5½" long x 1⅜" deep. Learn More
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  4. Cocktail Spoons

    Cocktail Spoons - Set of 6 from Oneida

    Stir things up with these lovely stainless steel spoons. Also useful for transferring and spooning exercises. One can never have too many spoons! Dishwasher-safe. 4¾" long. Learn More
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  5. Tiny Salt Spoon

    Tiny Salt Spoon

    With a slim handle and a shallow bowl; careful movements are needed to use this tiny stainless steel spoon. 3⅛" long. Learn More
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  6. Small Ladle

    Small Ladle

    Ladling soup uses a larger movement than many spooning activities. This stainless steel ladle is the perfect size, smaller than an adult version but large enough to be truly useful. Holds 1 oz.; 2" dia. bowl. 7" long. Learn More
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  7. Olivewood Mustard Spoon

    Olivewood Mustard Spoon

    The deep bowl of this spoon makes it suitable for the challenge of transferring one kernel of corn at a time. 4½" long. Learn More
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  8. Chinese Soup Spoon Set

    Chinese Soup Spoon Set - 3 pieces : one lime, one blue, & one white

    This set of durable child-size porcelain soup spoons includes one each of three whimsical colors. Glazed porcelain is food-safe and ready for the snack table. Once children understand this spoon is breakable, they will be ever so careful when using it. 4" long. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  9. Extra-Fine Strainer

    Extra-Fine Strainer - From Norpro

    Sift flour or powdered sugar through the extra-fine stainless steel mesh. Strain items from liquid in a float and sink activity. The plastic handle and two supports overhang the lip of the dish beneath. 2½" dia. x 6" long. Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  10. Fine Mesh Strainer

    Fine Mesh Strainer - From Norpro

    Sift and sort through the fine stainless steel mesh —. The fine mesh can separate rice from salt or strain or drain items from water. The plastic handle and two supports overhang the lip of the dish beneath. Dishwasher-safe. 3¼" dia.; 7½" long. Learn More
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  11. Mesh Strainer Set

    Mesh Strainer Set - Save when you order this set

    Sift and sort through two fine gauges of stainless steel mesh — children can ’t get enough of this satisfying activity. The plastic handle and two supports overhang the lip of the dish beneath. Dishwasher-safe. Learn More
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  12. Wire Strainer / Scoop

    Wire Strainer / Scoop

    Recommended by a teacher as a classroom favorite. Made of wire mesh, use this strainer/scoop for transferring and/or straining activities. 8½" long; the 2¼" diameter bowl is 1" deep. Color may vary. Learn More
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