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Bowls & Dishes

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  1. Square Wooden Bowl

    Square Wooden Bowl

    3½" square x 1¼" deep. Naturally beautiful, square food-safe bowl with a smooth finish that looks and feels so inviting. Learn More
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  2. Porcelain Leaf Dish

    Porcelain Leaf Dish

    Intricate cordate leaf design gives this dish an intriguing point of interest for sorting and transferring activities. You’ll find many more uses: for glue or polish, or as a tea bag caddy.3" x 3½" overall; ½" deep. Learn More
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  3. Small Souffle Dish

    Small Souffle Dish

    Ideal as a component in a transferring activity this small, fluted porcelain dish has a wide base which provides stability on a tray. This oven-safe dish can also be used in cooking and baking activities. 2½" dia.; 1½" deep. Learn More
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  4. Medium Souffle Dish

    Medium Souffle Dish

    This large, fluted porcelain dish has a wide base which provides stability on a tray. Oven-safe, this dish may also be used in cooking and baking activities. 3⅝" base; 2" deep. Learn More
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  5. Green Lotus Dish

    Green Lotus Dish

    The flared edges of this small traditional Chinese dish resemble the petals of the lotus flower. Despite the small base, this 3 oz. porcelain dish is quite stable. 3⅜" dia.; 1½" deep. Learn More
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  6. Small Stainless Steel Bowl

    Small Stainless Steel Bowl - Prep or condiment bowl

    Ideal for transferring activities—this stainless steel bowl is a lovely choice when glass or porcelain is not an option. Perfect for small portions of snack or as a food preparation bowl. 1½" base; 3" dia. top x 1¼" deep. Learn More
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  7. White Sauce Dish

    White Sauce Dish - Ceramic condiment dish

    This well-made little dish lends itself to dozens of classroom uses – sorting, food preparation, or holding polish or paint. It cleans up beautifully, is very solid, and doesn’t tip easily. 2½" top; 1" deep. Learn More
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  8. Datewood Cup

    Datewood Cup

    This tulip-shaped cup is crafted from richly grained wood that’s at once lightweight but solid and feels wonderful to hold. Finished with protective lacquer. 2¼" dia. x 2" high; 1¾" deep. Learn More
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  9. Hexagon Dish

    Hexagon Dish

    Enliven Practical Life (transferring, cooking, snacks), sorting, or art activities with this dish. Made of oven-safe, fluted porcelain this six-sided dish is a fun variation on the traditional round vessel. 3¼" dia.; 1½" deep. Learn More
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