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Pentatonic metallophone from Woodstock Percussion

Precision-tuned to the pentatonic scale, this easy-to-play instrument is like a doodle pad for both hands—every note in the five-note pentatonic scale (D, E, G, A, B) forms a pleasant chord when struck simultaneously with every other note.

The only skill needed is a light touch! An ideal introduction to musical expression for young children because no matter which notes are played, the bright, true tones sound wonderful together.

The set includes two rubber-headed mallets, a wooden (ash wood with cherry finish) base, eight aluminum tubes, and a song sheet with eight simple songs.

To inspire creativity a CD of original music with both soothing and energetic songs is also included. Children can harmonize with the music or the CD can be enjoyed by itself. 20" x 12" overall. Ages 4+.
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M155 Pipedream
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