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Nurturing the Young Scientist

Experiences in Physics for Children

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Montessorian Meg Fedorowicz offers an excellent blueprint for taking young children way beyond float and sink! This step-by-step guide provides the child with a thoughtful and organized way of experiencing the world and its workings—otherwise known as physics!

Dozens of matter and energy activities—solids, liquids, light, heat, sound, gravity, and more. These activities enable any teacher to set up a hands-on physics program with relative ease and without much expense. At the end of each experiment, the question, “What do you observe?” is posed. The open-ended nature of the experiments is emphasized; a short “most likely observation” for each activity is provided: “The air has the power to move the boat.” The introduction walks you through set-up and presentation. Spiral-bound paperback, 185 pages.
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Nurturing the Young Scientist

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