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Montessori The Science Behind The Genius

Third Edition

In this compelling case for the Montessori method, this resource explains the correlation between contemporary research-based educational theory and Dr. Montessori’s observation – based insights into human learning and development.

This new edition contains updated information and research on pretend play and new research on organized classrooms, sensory discrimination, and intelligence, epigenetics, and the Goldilocks effect, as well as other issues.

Key Montessori principles are illustrated with case studies and independent research results. Independent validation is powerful support for recognition of the Montessori method within the traditional educational establishment.

By Angeline S. Lillard, PhD. Includes chapter summaries; all research and references cited in the appendix. Heavily referenced in a 47-page Works Cited. Paperback, 474 pages.
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R113 Montessori The Science Behind The Genius - Third Edition
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Montessori The Science Behind The Genius

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