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Montessori in Practice

Observations of a First Generation Montessorian

Rediscover the writings of a real Montessori sage. What is the meaning of scientific pedagogy? Why is adequate training even more important than the materials? Are multi-age groupings necessary? What does “follow the child” imply?

Enlivened by real-life stories and personal insights, this is a fascinating collection of forty of Lakshmi Kripalani’s Public School Montessorian articles (1989-1998) and a compelling resource for understanding Montessori education in the U.S.

Trained in 1946 by Maria Montessori in Karachi, India. Lakshmi Kripalani's down-to-earth perspective on "what Montessori really meant" offers today's teachers invaluable insights and a wealth of practical tips. Always enthralling, sometimes surprising, and often controversial, this volume offers anecdotes from Kripalani's time in a refugee camp after the partition of India, where she set up a school and even used pebbles for unit beads. Paperback, 173 pages.

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Montessori in Practice

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Teacher, Montessori directress and teacher-trainer, consultant, lecturer, columnist, lifetime MENSA member, and poet, Lakshmi Kripalani's unique experience with Montessori education in a variety of settings and her work with Dr. Montessori, (and Montessori's son Mario) led Kripalani to open the Montessori Center of New Jersey teacher-training center in 1966. A member of AMI, AMS, and NAMTA, Kripalani was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from AMS in 2010, for her work within and for the Montessori community.