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Mess-Free Peanut Butter Mixer

From R.N. Witmer Company - Model 300
Hand-crank mixer for 16-ounce jars with 2¾" lid

This ingenious tool not only solves the mess associated with mixing natural peanut butters, it offers the young child an irresistible food preparation activity!

After an adult screws on the special lid, children can insert the chrome-plated mixing rod through the coated-steel lid, easily turn the crank themselves (and watch the layers combine), then pull the rod out spotlessly clean.

A rubbery nitrile gasket cleans the rod and a polypropylene liner keeps everything inside the jar during mixing. Now there’s no reason not to enjoy healthier, all-natural nut butters. Fits 16-ounce jars with a 2¾" diameter lid.

Please note: Some of the lids have a design (see main image, left) and some are plain (see second image, left). They are from the same manufacturer and are of equal quality.

This mixer fits the following brands:
  • Trader Joe’s®
  • East Wind
  • Krema Natural
  • President’s Choice®
  • Crazy Richard’s
  • Whole Foods® 365
  • The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg®
  • Laura Lynn
  • Peanut Butter & Co.®
  • Wild Oats
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    D109 Peanut Butter Mixer - 16 oz. jar (Trader Joe's, Model 300)
    Made in USA
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    Mess-Free Peanut Butter Mixer

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