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Bead Bar Stamp Set

After working with the Bead Stair, children can use these stamps to reinforce their understanding of the numbers 1 – 10. Later, use for addition and multiplication activities. Children will use the stamp pad for inking stamps, then stamp the bead bar outlines on paper and use the pencils to fill in with the Bead Stair colors.

The Bead Bar Stamp Set (MA156) includes ten Bead Bar stamps, the sturdy hardwood box (11¾" x 4¼" at the wide end), a set of ten colored pencils that match the Bead Stair, and stamp pad (3¾" x 2¾") with raised bed. Stamps from Great Extensions.
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MA156 Bead Bar Stamps / Box & Pencil Set
Made in USA
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Bead Bar Stamp Set

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