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Leaf Characteristics

From In-Print for Children

Two engaging sequential activities: a sorting exercise that introduces the vocabulary of leaf margins, veins, and types; and a classification activity that uses the vocabulary with 20 trees and 20 plants native to North America.

First, the child sorts nine characteristic cards onto the three labeled control cards (Leaf Types, Leaf Veins, and Leaf Margins).

In the second activity, children select one leaf card (e.g., hickory) and find its corresponding characteristic cards.

Children then place selected characteristic cards onto the blank Leaf Identification card. Older children can identify the characteristics of real leaves the way botanists do.

Includes 3 control cards and a blank Leaf Identification card (10½" x 5¼"), 40 leaf cards and 9 characteristic cards (3"x 4"), presentation suggestions and classification charts for the teacher. Coated cardstock.
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SC136 Leaf Characteristics Cards
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Leaf Characteristics

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