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Language Object Starter Set 2018-2019

97 miniatures for language and reading activities

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For your convenience, we have assembled this assortment of 97 objects. Have fun adding your own unique finds to this starter collection.

Appropriate for a variety of language games most beginning sounds are represented (x is not a beginning sound) and most of the objects are phonetic or have a phonogram in them.

The objects range in size from ½" to 2½". Ages 3+.

Set includes presentation suggestions and a link to a downloadable PDF of Language Object Labels you can print yourself. (Use this link to see what is included in this set.)

Please note: Set contents may vary from what is shown. Some of these objects are also used in our smaller language object sets (LM03, LM04, and LM05).

Objects may also be purchased individually.
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L850B Language Object Starter Set 2018 - 2019
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Language Object Starter Set 2018-2019

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