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Kingdoms of Life Connected ~ 2nd Edition

A Teacher's Guide to the Tree of Life from Big Picture Science

This comprehensive life science resource has been updated to reflect current scientific thinking. Author Priscilla Spears, Ph.D., explains the exact changes and offers simple solutions for adjusting your existing classification card materials and lessons to match.

Includes lessons for introducing the Tree-of-Life view of the living world and direction for making the chart to complement the lessons.

Sections for each of the major groups of life (prokaryotes, protists, fungus kingdom, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and viruses) lead with a simplified and an advanced version of that group's "story."

In-depth curriculum for each includes presentation guide, experiments, research questions, pronunciation guides, and further resources.

Cut apart the 9 cardstock sheets (bound into the back of the book) to create 68 picture cards with text/definitions on the backs. Published in 2016. Spiral-bound paperback, 185 pages.
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