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Japanese Sand Garden & Replacement Sand

Zen meditation sand garden

In Japan, Zen Buddhists rake sand in stone gardens as a meditative act. Ours is a tabletop version, yet its effect can be just as peaceful. After seeing a careful demonstration, children can rake a pattern in the fine sand and select a place for each stone. The simplicity of this experience is powerful yet calming. A wonderful addition to a quiet corner.

Set consists of a wood-framed Sand Garden (12" x 7 1/8;"), 2 wood/bamboo rakes, sand, rocks, and a booklet of meditations. Ages 4+; children under 5 may need supervision.

Please note: We suggest that you fill the tray half-full with sand. This will help keep the the sand in the tray. Reserve the rest to refill as needed.

Replacement Sand (C536) sold separately.
Item No. Product Name Price Qty
C536 Replacement Sand for Garden
Made in CHINA
11 In Stock
C531 Japanese Sand (Zen) Garden
Made in CHINA
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Japanese Sand Garden & Replacement Sand

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