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Hex Bolt Board

Hex Bolt Board
  • V06
  • $42.00
  • 19 In Stock
Set of 4 Extra Hex Bolts
  • V06A
  • $1.00
  • 37 In Stock
Hex Nut Driver
  • V06D
  • $8.50
  • 100+ In Stock
This is the easiest of the three boards because the driver covers the hex bolt head and will not slip. Four hexagonal-headed bolts and a hex nut driver (7"). Designed by a Montessori teacher to aid the development of eye-hand coordination and teach a practical skill. The board has two troughs: one to hold the bolts after the child has removed them and one for the driver. The bolts screw onto a long-lasting metal sleeve to prevent wood stripping. Boards measure 10½" x 4" x 1¼" high. Driver may vary. Ages 3+.
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