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The Longest Day

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Did you know that the sun shines for 22 hours in Nome, Alaska, once a year in June? Today's Alaskans celebrate The Midnight Sun Festival with an annual "Polar Bear Swim" in almost freezing water — and that's just one of the 13 intriguing contemporary or historical summer solstice traditions children will discover.

On the solstice "In Mesopotamia, the people imagined their sun god, Shanash, had a chauffer drive him across the sky." Children learn that "The first day of summer, called the summer solstice, has more daylight hours than any other day of the year…" At this time of year, "Days become longer and warmer, and crops grow and ripen. Families fill playgrounds and parks."

From ancient mythology to modern day summer picnics, these well-told stories are sprinkled with seasonal science and observations that will answer basic questions and tickle children's curiosity. Solstice facts, hands-on crafts, and further resources will satisfy inquisitive older readers. Paperback, 40 pages. Ages 4+.

Other titles in this series include: The Shortest Day (C57, C58) about the winter solstice and We Gather Together (C51) which describes the fall equinox.
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The Longest Day

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