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Fish 3-Part Photo Cards

Classification Cards

A subcategory of vertebrate. The set includes an overview of fish characteristics and 3-part photo cards for 12 fish (clown fish, flounder, goldfish, king angelfish, lamprey eel, manta ray, pollack, porkfish, rainbow trout, shark, stingray, trumpet fish).

Working with these popular card packets helps children find order in their world. First introduce one category alone for naming. Then, mix with other categories for sorting, comparing, and contrasting. Later, extend classification work by exploring key anatomical features with Parts of the Fish 3-Part Photo Cards (SC742, SC740).
  • Subject is isolated
  • Control card: 3½" x 4¼"
  • Rounded corners
  • Recycled paper
  • Choose Laminated or Unlaminated
  • 5-mil laminate extends to edge of card, not beyond.

The container listed below is recommended to fit this material.
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SC499 Fish Three-Part Cards - Laminated
Made in USA
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SC498 Fish Three-Part Cards - Unlaminated
Made in USA
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Fish 3-Part Photo Cards

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