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The Timeline of Early Humans

From Azoka Company

This beautiful, hand-colored Timeline shows the story of the human journey from the end of the Pliocene (the advent of our hominid ancestors) to the beginning of the Holocene, ending at the Bronze Age.

Key events, such as the uses of fire and development of hand tools, are correlated with physiological development, such as the emergence of H. sapiens sapiens and the disappearance of H. neanderthalensis.

This set includes the laminated Timeline (in Panel- or Mural-Style), two sets of companion cards, and a teacher’s resource booklet. The Timeline is just under 7 feet long.

The Mural-Style (pictured) is one continuous piece (86" x 20½") and gives the overall impression of the passage of time.

The Panel-Style (not pictured) is three panels (29" x 20½" each); this style allows children to bring a single panel to their work area when exploring a specific era.

The companion cards are the primary research material to support children’s exploration of early humans. Two sets of 48 cards each are included, one control set (with label attached) and one set with separate labels. The colorful illustrations and informative text of the topic cards are keyed to the Timeline; cards with labels measure 5½" square.

The loose-leaf teacher’s booklet includes presentation methods and expanded Timeline references and their sources.

Please note: This item is part of the Advanced History Set (EM815 or EM814).

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The Timeline of Early Humans

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