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From the Biosphere to Atoms - Second Edition

A Teachers Guide to the Organization of the Living World from Big Picture Science

Develop a solid concept of life’s structures and levels of organization. This important framework for life sciences follows naturally from the story of Earth’s formation and introduction of the Earth system concept.

Teachers will find this resource invaluable for reviewing and refining their understanding of life’s structures and levels of organization, from the biosphere down to atoms. Students will benefit from their teacher’s more informed presentations.

This framework for life sciences flows naturally from the Earth system concept, which views the outer part of our planet as interacting atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere.

Researched and written by Priscilla Spears, Ph.D. for Elementary and Secondary Montessori classrooms, this revised edition (2013) includes important concepts, lesson ideas, and extensive resources. Spiral-bound paperback, 144 pages.
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From the Biosphere to Atoms - Second Edition

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