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Child-Size Chilean Rainstick

South American folk instrument

Tilt it a little and shake ever so gently — it whispers like a light rain. Tilt it a lot — it clatters like a downpour!

The variety of sounds makes this a fun rhythm instrument. Inside the cylinder, tiny pebbles cascade over cactus spines, which have been hammered into the hollow Capado cactus; lightly varnished and sealed. Each of these pieces is unique--expect slight variations. 14" long x 2" dia. Ages 3+.

Please note: The natural cactus “wood” can be a bit rough and should be handled with care. While many customers prefer the authentic texture of this unique cultural instrument, a customer shared with us that some gentle rubbing with sandpaper will smooth away any rough edges.
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M448 Child-Size Chilean Rainstick NOT AVAILABLE
Made in CHILE
No Longer Available

Child-Size Chilean Rainstick

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