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At Home With Montessori

From the North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA)

Encourage parents to see the home through the eyes of their child! Divided into sections by rooms in the house, this book shows everyday activities in each area and offers suggestions for including young children in the daily life of the family.

This conversation-starter for parent discussion groups focuses on making family life a successful collaboration and gives parents the understanding they need to help children develop independence and self-confidence.

Simple changes, such as slowing down to match the young child's walking pace or installing child-height hooks and towel racks, can create a strong sense of belonging and self-worth in the young child.

Includes a two-page insert of lead questions for discussions. Paperback, 28 pages.

Please note: NAMTA also publishes In a Montessori Home (R68) for the youngest child.
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At Home With Montessori

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