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How Do You Know What Time It Is?

Wells of Knowledge Science Series by Robert E. Wells

A clock can measure time. But once there were no clocks! Long long ago, people measured time with the sun.

From pre-agricultural solar calendars through the atomic clock, this absorbing book captures the history of time and time measurement in a format especially appealing to elementary-aged children.

The workings of sand timers, sundials, pendulum clocks, and water clocks are all revealed. Complex concepts, such as solar and lunar cycles, are made approachable through cogent descriptions and simple illustrations.

Children will come away from this resource with a better understanding of time keeping and a heightened awareness of past, present, and future. Paperback, 30 pages. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award. Ages 5+.
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SC435 How Do You Know What Time It Is?
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How Do You Know What Time It Is?

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