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Fossils Book Set


This set presents four significant early fossils with thorough descriptions and detailed information suitable for in-depth study.

Set includes 4 books: Ammonites, Brachiopods, Crinoids, and Trilobites. Samples of these four fossils are included in the Timeline of Life Fossil Collection (EM58).

Written by Montessorians Doug and Claudia Mann and designed as an extension to the Timeline of Life, this set offers children many opportunities to solidify their understanding and expand their research.

Invaluable additions to your library, all books are updated with current terminology and scientific developments. Paperback.
Ages 7 - 12.

Please note: This set is included in the Eras, Periods & Fossils Book Set Collection (EM74).
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EM59 Fossils Book Set
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Fossils Book Set

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