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The Asperkids Collection

Wonder and curiosity. Respect and kindness for all children everywhere. These are the common goals of Asperkids, LLC, and of Montessori Services. Through Asperkids' award-winning multimedia social education and Montessori Services' beautiful practical life tools, we have created a road to confidence and independence for kids with Asperger Syndrome, autism -- and every other "typical" child, too. With you in mind, every single item in this collection has been "chosen, celebrated and personally used" by Asperkids' award-winning author (Aspie and Asperkid mom x3), Jennifer O'Toole.

With great excitement and confidence, Asperkids and Montessori Services welcome you to "The Asperkid Collection": everyday tools for everyday superheroes.



Everything a young person does is an opportunity to encourage exploration, curiosity and wonder. So don't limit yourself or your Asperkid. Go ahead. Enter the most basic search term (like "flower" or "rock") and from botanical prints to geological experiments, insect nomenclature to Monet's painting techniques. You will be amazed at what there is to discover.

Learn more about unlocking the precious, precocious potential of kids with Asperger Syndrome at:

in: "Asperkids: An Insider's Guide to Loving, Understanding and Teaching Children with Asperger Syndrome" (2012, JKP)

...and the upcoming "The Asperkid Launch Pad: Designing Homes that Empower Everyday Superheroes" (2013, JKP).

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