Wildflowers Fandex

Bound field guide to 47 wildflowers

Put knowledge in the palm of your hand with this unique deck of photo cards. This fact-filled field guide helps children learn to identify 47 species of North American wildflowers and will easily fit in a backpack for hikes and field botany excursions.

Bound at the bottom corner, with die-cut photos at the top, the deck opens like a fan to display keys to identification, habitat, range, Latin name, life cycle, and more.

Did you know that the Spike Gayfeather flower has many medicinal properties including relief of sore throats. Compelling cultural and historical facts are chosen to appeal to children. Sturdy coated cardstock; 10½" long. Ages 5 and up.
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SC774 Wildflowers Fandex
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Wildflowers Fandex

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