What's Inside?

Fascinating Structures from Around the World

Tour 14 of the world’s most unique and beautiful buildings—a soaring glass skyscraper, humble stone barn, sealed tomb, modern art museum, and many more. After you see the exterior of the building, turn the page to see what’s inside!

The intricate bas-relief cut-paper collage illustrations have great details for children to explore and linger over, and the text describes how the purpose of each structure affected its design, location, or the materials used.

Each structure includes: name, location, date of construction, materials, architect, height, information about the structure today, and a little known fact.

Includes an architectural glossary for building vocabulary. By award-winning author and illustrator Giles Laroche. Hardcover, 40 pages. Ages 6 and up (younger children will enjoy looking at the illustrations).
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What's Inside?

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