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Water Pump

Children far too young to pronounce “vacuum displacement” will nonetheless know all about it after moving water with this durable, plastic pump. Perfect for bathtub or basins indoors, as well as a pool or bucket outdoors. This real, working machine has a clear tube that shows the pump mechanisms: piston, flap valve, and lever. 1¾" base x 8¾" high with a sturdy 4½" pump handle. Ages 3 to 8.

See how to “Prime the Pump” below.
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Water Pump

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How to “Prime the Pump” to make the pump work: Even though this pump is designed as a bath toy for children, it actually works. The water will flow in spurts, not in a steady stream like water coming out of your tap. At home, children will love to experiment with the pump in the tub after they have seen how it works. As with any new activity, practice before you present the Water Pump. In a classroom, teachers often place two tall glasses in a dishpan, basin, or sink.
  • Place the pump in one glass and fill the glass with water to the level indicated on the pump.
  • Place the other glass under the pump’s spout.
  • Hold the pump steady with one hand and begin pumping with the other.

    In order for the water to start flowing, all the air must be expelled, so be patient.
  • Soon you will see water rising to the top of the chamber and coming out the spout.