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Toockies Multipurpose Cloths

3 piece 100% organic cotton cloth set

Wash the dishes, scrub the counter, dust the shelves. Then show children how to roll the cloth and squeeze out the water — what fun! Designed for scrubbing and wiping, these soft cloths won’t scratch surfaces and make cleaning just about anything a pleasure. Approximately 7½" square. Ages 3 and up.

Benefits of Toockies®:
  • 100% organic cotton hand knit cloths
  • No synthetic color or dyes
  • Easy on your budget (they last for years)
  • Kind to the planet (can be used over and over — no more disposables!)
  • Cloths are machine washable
  • The Toockie Project provide the woman who knit the cloths an opportunity to feed their families with dignity

    The Toockie Project is a women’s cooperative in Nababpur, India. It began as an idea of a way for women to help themselves by creating handcrafted items from home. Today, over 210 women, desperate for a dignified way to earn a living, have been mobilized and trained to knit Toockies. Knitters have access to a community center where they can come to train, pick-up yarn, knit, or drop off finished pieces. Most knitters work flexible hours from home. The Toockie Project opens an unimaginable door of opportunity for the knitters and empowers them to take charge of their own destiny. Each Toockies package is signed by the knitter who created the cloths. See the women artisans who knit the cloths here.

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    Toockies Multipurpose Cloths

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