Stockmar Crayon Blocks

16 pieces from Stockmar

Nearly unbreakable crayon blocks are perfect for young children who have not yet mastered a proper pencil grip.

Brilliant color, smooth application, and durability characterize completely non-toxic Stockmar crayons (a teacher reported that one set lasted her eight years!).

They adhere well to smooth or rough drawing paper, parchment, raffia, cloth, metal, and glass. These high-quality crayon blocks contain 10% beeswax. They are nearly unbreakable and great for making rubbings. 16 crayons (1" x 1¾") packaged in a colorful metal tin (8" x 3¾") with a plastic scraper and ideas for use. Ages 3 and up.

Set includes: carmine-red, vermillion, orange, gold-yellow, lemon-yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, ultramarine, blue-violet, red-violet, red-brown, yellow-brown, white, and black.
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A274 Crayon Blocks - 16 pieces
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Stockmar Crayon Blocks

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