Star Popsicle Molds

Individual plastic molds from Tovolo

Add some pizzazz to an old favorite. Children will love concocting unusual flavors using fruit puree, whole berries, juice, or yogurt. Yum!

Filling the molds is a practical application of pouring skills. The innovative base design allows you to add and remove popsicles individually so partly eaten treats can be saved for later.

One 4½" pop can be made at a time. Handles are designed to catch drips.The 7½" base holds six 2-piece molds. Each mold will make a 3 oz. popsicle. All pieces are dishwasher-safe plastic. Color may vary. Ages 3 and up with adult supervision.

Tips before & after freezing: Make sure to wipe any drips from the base before freezing as they could cause the molds to stick. Once frozen the individual popsicle covers release more easily if they are left out for a few minutes or warmed a bit under running water or in warm hands.
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D34 Star Popsicle Molds
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Star Popsicle Molds

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