Solid: Rough & Smooth Sort

Young scientist hands-on physics activity set

This activity gives children a chance to exercise familiar sensorial vocabulary (rough, smooth) as they sort fascinating items of varying textures under the appropriate label.

This set corresponds to the Rough & Smooth sorting activity from Montessorian Meg Fedorowicz’s comprehensive guide to hands-on classroom physics, Nurturing the Young Scientist. It’s never been easier to give children foundational science experiences that they can draw upon throughout their lives! Ages 3 - 8.

Set includes:
  • 2 Durable, waterproof labels
  • 6 Rough items to sort
  • 6 Smooth items to sort
  • Basket
  • Presentation ideas
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    SC882 Solid - Rough & Smooth Sort
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    Solid: Rough & Smooth Sort

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